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Heartening Trend

It is reassuring to see that the current festive season is showing good growth in terms of the sale of new cars, especially in the entry-level segment. In the meantime, the sale of used cars is also up. Let us hope this trend continues even after the festive season.

Quite a few manufacturers have decided not to make and sell diesel cars and are advertising how a petrol car is cheaper to run as compared to a diesel one. Yes, it may be true to a certain extent if your daily use is minimal. On the other hand, if your daily commute extends over 50 kilometres, then a diesel car is still cheaper to run going by the cost of fuel. Besides, diesel cars are at least 30 to 40 per cent more efficient as compared to their petrol counterparts. If you are travelling from, say, Pune to Goa, a diesel car will take you there in one tankful, plus you can drive around there for a few days before a visit to a fuel station becomes necessary. A similar sized petrol car will need to be topped up even before you reach Goa. It is like this: if you require a full tank of fuel once every two weeks, a tankful of diesel will last you at least three weeks. With the cost of diesel and petrol nearly the same, it is much cheaper to run a diesel car as compared to a petrol one. Yes, you need to pay a slight premium for a diesel car at the time of purchase over a petrol variant, but you still make a big saving given what the cost of fuel is today.

Everybody wants to put the year 2020 behind and move on to 2021. The general atmosphere has been full of gloom and doom and, to top it all, a couple of news channels are spreading hatred with most industrialists doing nothing about it except Rajiv Bajaj who has the courage to call a spade a spade. Once again, he has taken a stand not to advertise on the television channels that spread hatred. Hats off to you, Rajiv Bajaj, once again.


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