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A Grim Scenario

The number of accidents on our roads is going up by the day and one of the principal reasons for this is that the quality and driving skill of drivers is going down by the day. More often than not, the instructors at the driving schools themselves are not aware of the traffic rules, are not trained properly, and, as a result, do not have a clue as to how to drive a car in a proper manner. And they are the ones who train the new batch of drivers coming out on to the roads.

The Ministry of Road Transport desperately needs to set up an institute to train driving instructors. Only the qualified among them should be allowed to train the next generation of drivers.

Obeying traffic rules is not the only requirement for being a safe driver; indeed, it is one of the many requirements. Drivers need to be taught how to avoid an accident in an emergency, keeping as many options open as possible and not just stand on the brakes and hope for the best. Sometimes you need to manoeuvre your car or change lanes in order to avoid clipping or hitting someone. One of the main reasons for multiple car pile-ups is that people tend to drive very close to one another on the highway, leaving the same length of space between themselves and the car in front as they do on city roads. There is a lot of difference between how one drives in the city and on the highway, where the speed is much higher.

As has been reiterated in these columns, the driving test needs to be made more stringent. For that we need more RTO personnel who conduct the driving test. Usually, there are far too many applicants vis-a-vis the number of RTO inspectors conducting the driving test.

In the meantime, make it a point to obey all the traffic rules and regulations to ensure safety for yourselves as well as all other road-users.  


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