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Reign of Uncertainty

Today we live in uncertain times. It is well-nigh impossible to plan for the future, what with the global population facing one calamity after another. The world was under the COVID-19 cloud for the last two years and, just as we were getting out of that dreadful situation, Russia waged a war on Ukraine. To make matters worse, now there are reports of a rise in the number of COVID-19 cases again. Thus, one does not know what the situation will be next week.

Crude oil prices were at an all-time low during the pandemic. In India, however, we did not see the price of petrol and diesel come down. Now, due to the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, crude oil prices have gone up and we are paying Rs 120 for a litre of petrol and over Rs 100 for a litre of diesel. The high cost of fuel has a corresponding effect on the price of all the essential commodities and this hurts the ordinary citizen. The chip shortage and an increase in the price of cars adversely affect the sale of new cars.

For us at Car India, safety is paramount and it should be approached in the right way. Making six airbags mandatory means making the entry-level cars even more expensive and unaffordable for a number of prospective customers. They will perforce continue to use their two-wheelers as a mode of transport for their families. Instead of making six airbags mandatory, we should devise a stringent driving test. It is a common experience that many people who possess a driving licence have no clue about driving a car or even about being on a public road. Indeed, the driving school instructors themselves should be taught how to drive first before they become instructors. No doubt, it is good to have a safe car with all its safety equipment, but it is even better to try to preclude accidents. As we know well, prevention is better than cure.


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