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Rest in Peace, Zal

This month has been extremely difficult for all of us at Car India on account of the demise of Zal Cursetji in a road accident; especially for me because I have known Darius Cursetji, Zal’s father, since I was a 10-year-old boy. Zal was more than someone working with me for the last three years.

Every day we read in the newspapers that someone lost their life in a road accident, but when it happens to someone close to you, it really hits you hard.

The accident occurred in the early hours of Saturday, 21 May. Zal was returning home after dropping off a friend. A car turned towards him and there was a head-on collision. He passed away due to internal bleeding.

The authorities keep talking about road safety and about making cars safer but nobody talks about a stringent driving test. The present driving test is a mere formality. The instructors who teach students how to drive are mostly clueless about the relevant dos and don’ts, traffic rules, and driving. How then can we expect such instructors to teach their students how to drive and behave on public roads? Issuing a driving licence to people who do not know how to drive is like handing a loaded gun to a kid.

No matter how safe you make the car, if you do not know how to drive, you will still be vulnerable to accidents that kill someone and/or yourself. It is better to prevent an accident than depend on the car to protect you. Let us come down on the licensing process and make sure that only the people who actually know how to drive get a licence.

Dear Zal, you are gone but you will never be forgotten. You will always be part of our team in our hearts.




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