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Enforce Traffic Rules with Same Zeal

The police and the local authorities have been proactive and super strict in enforcing the rule regarding wearing a face mask. They have been imposing fines on people inside a car found violating this rule. I wish they enforced the traffic rules in the same manner and with the same zeal and fined people violating traffic rules.

Last month I had to attend a wedding in Nagpur. I had the option of travelling by air from Pune to Nagpur or driving down to that city. I chose the latter and the mode of transport was the new Mercedes GLS 400 d thanks to the good folk at Mercedes-Benz India. The GLS completed this 1,600-km round trip from Pune to the Tadoba Tiger Reserve, Nagpur, and back to Pune in less than three tanks full of diesel. The GLS is probably the best long-distance SUV I have driven. It is stable like a rock at even double-ton speeds and its 21-inch wheels gobble up most of the rough roads and small potholes with ease. Were I to do this round trip in a petrol SUV, I would have required double the quantity of petrol.

For the past six months I had been using a Hyundai Venue turbo-petrol automatic as my long-term car and now, for the past two weeks, I have started using the 2,000-cc Hyundai Tucson diesel automatic and I have been getting the same fuel efficiency as the 1,000-cc turbo-petrol Venue.

Therefore, it stands to reason that a number of manufacturers who had discontinued diesel engines have indicated that they will re-introduce diesel engines in their line-up. A petrol engine cannot give one the fuel efficiency of a diesel engine.

I would like to wish all our readers and manufacturers a happy New Year.


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