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Tata Nano Twist GenX (4)Power steering, an automated manual transmission, an openable rear hatch and a host of other features make the new Tata Nano Twist GenX far more appealing than it has ever been 

Story: Aninda Sardar
Photography: Rommel Albuquerque

Touted the “One lakh rupee car” by many, the Tata Nano was to be a revolution in the global auto-motion. The idea – of a super affordable compact yet spacious four-wheeler for the masses – was brilliant. Unfortunately, for several reasons, some known, many unknown, the masses did not take to the Nano as warmly as Tata Motors would have hoped. That was half a decade ago. In the interim years there have been a few changes to communication as well as to the car, but the response has largely remained lukewarm. Don’t get me wrong, sales have definitely picked up but the Nano has not become the mass affliction it was supposed to be. Now however, with the new Tata Nano Twist GenX, there is fresh hope at Tata Motors.

As far as external styling goes, Tata Motors have changed the grille a bit, added a plastic shroud here, and there are a couple of new colour options as well (one of them available on order only). Though the changes are subtle they do distinguish the Nano Twist GenX from the regular Nano Twist and, more importantly, the old Nano. The radical departure from the older design however happens at the rear end of the Nano Twist GenX, for in this new car the rear hatch can be opened to reveal a boot. A miniscule boot (94L in one version and 110L in another), but a boot nonetheless. There are a couple of other invisible, but very significant, changes to the car’s shell as well. To create the openable hatch, Tata Motors have had to strengthen the overall monocoque. Additionally, they have strengthened the A-pillars and included intrusion beams into the doors. As a result, the car now feels more solidly built than before. One strange omission however also becomes noticeable as you open the driver’s door. So, if you’ve got small children then you’ve got to be extra careful to prevent fingers being caught between the doors and the pillars. Then there is the fuel tank, whose capacity has been increased from 15 litres to 24 litres.

Tata Nano Twist GenX (3)

Inside, there are covered glove boxes on both the passenger as well as the driver side, and, more significantly, new instrumentation. The new car gets a brand new set of clocks that has a new trip computer alongside the regular read outs. The seats are new too. There is also a Bluetooth compatible infotainment system now. Materials used to craft the spacious cabin have been changed too and add a further dose of appeal for prospective customers.

Tata Nano Twist GenX (2)


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