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CI_April2018The Future Beckons
LAST MONTH I WAS AT THE GENEVA MOTOR SHOW and the focus was on electric and alternative fuel propulsion for cars. Most of the manufacturers showcased EVs either ready for production or in concept form. There was a lot of emphasis on autonomous driving and connectivity that would help people in carsharing, thus reducing congestion as well as emission since the number of cars plying on the road will come down.

During an interview, Christian Senger, Head of Volkswagen EV Division, mentioned that VW are developing electric cars while their premium brand, Audi, is developing fuel cell technology for the future. For India to go electric by even 2040 is going to be a big challenge due to the size of the country and the absence of uninterrupted power supply.

The car that will make its way to our shores early next year is the all-new Audi A6. The new car looks sharper from the outside than the present model and has grown inside too.

Among the cars that caught my eye were the coupés from BMW, the M8, Mercedes AMG GT63 S 4MAT IC+ 4-Door, and the Audi A7.

The Falak Numa Palace location selected by Mercedes-Benz for the first drive of the new S-Class was just appropriate for the car: one of the best palaces in the world for the best car in the world. The wide, open ring road and the highways were a perfect setting for the big S to stretch her legs.


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