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  • pimp-your-ride


    PIMP YOUR RIDE Give your car techie accessories to make it sporty INDY-CATOR GThe INDY-CATOR G is an innovative acceleration meter that displays the G-force’s being pulled in the car while cornering, accelerating and braking […]

  • À la CARte

    À la CARte

    À la CARte Kenwood’s newest in-car entertainment systems are out to charm your audiovisual senses   DDX8034BT7-inch wide VGA displayDolby digital and DTS supported 5.1-channel surround processorBuilt-in USB input, SD slot and disk drive support […]

  • pedaled-star


    PEDALED STAR Mercedes-Benz give you a chance to conquer every terrain with their new range of pedaled vehicles   RACING BIKEThis exclusive bike manufactured in a limited edition of 100 units sports a carbonfibre frame, […]

  • Less Glitter

    Less Glitter

    Less GlitterMany European and American carmakers were absent at Japan’s biggest auto showText: Ravi.ChandnaniPhotos: Newspress NV200 VANETTE TAXI PX-MIEV SUBARU BOXER CONCEPT Although Japanese manufacturers dominated the 41st Tokyo Motor Show, other carmakers who were […]

  • small-torque


    SMALL TORQUE Dr. Manfred Duernholz, Joint MD of Bosch Limited tells Sarmad Kadiri that India could be sitting on a heap of opportunities in terms of low cost diesel technology The office cabin was abuzz […]

  • photon-beam


    PHOTON BEAM The Phaeton is Volkswagen`s weapon of choice in the rarified luxury car segment. Aspi Bhathena gets behinds its wheel The latest Phaeton gets new LED daytime running lights After two days at the […]