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Lamborghini Urus First Drive Review

Strada mode is the most relaxing mode in the Lamborghini Urus. Truly. Dare I say, the word ‘unhurried’ comes to mind, because it’s that way. The exhaust note is smooth and near silent. The shifts up through the gears occur quickly and the engine doesn’t rev anywhere near the red zone. There is even a little body-roll in bends, and a hint of delay when you step on it, pointing to the fact that it’s been set-up for realistic everyday use, even in the worst of traffic conditions. Our test route would establish that firmly. Out from the confines of a lush, green golf resort, up what could be classified a hill-climb that spits us out into the harsh realities of city life was what we had lined up. And the Urus went about it all strong and confidently. The steering felt light, the responses phenomenal, and the serenity in the cabin, admirable.

Once past the slow traffic and on to the expressway, a switch to Sport on the Anima drive-mode selector was accompanied by the blue dials turning orange, the butterflies in the exhaust waking up, and the sheer excitement quotient significantly upped in a matter of milliseconds. Low three-digit speeds are handled by cog number three, and you’d have to have a special something, not to mention room ahead of you, to look for number four without lifting off slightly. The head-up display is sharp, too, and, as we made the bend at eye-watering speed, a shift to Corsa for the next seemed essential.

The head-up display turned red, gained a rev counter, and whipped a smile on my face. The exhaust was now breathing freely and cleared its throat every time even a little foot was given. Lift-off and the mild thunder of muffled combustion emanated into the cabin. Such a sweet sound. The brakes are another highlight – the fronts are the largest in the world at 440-mm carbon-ceramic monstrosities bitten by equally hardcore 10-piston calipers, with huge 370-mm discs and six-piston calipers doing duty at the rear. Lamborghini claim just 33.7 metres between 100 km/h and a dead stop. No dispute there.

Lamborghini Urus First Drive Review

Heading back now, it was back to Strada, before the conditions necessitated a switch to Terra. The Urus sits at its minimum 158 millimetres of ground clearance in Corsa, rises up in Strada, and goes further up in Terra to its highest ride height of 248 mm to make traversing untoward terrain peaceful. The fat 285- and 325-section front and rear rubber – we had 22-inch wheels on our car – keep the big bull sure-footed, helped by the electronic adaptive suspension. The four-wheel drive system uses a Torsen limited-slip centre differential that can send up to 70 per cent of the drive to the front or as much as 87 per cent to the rear, funnelling the power to the wheels with the best traction.

Lamborghini Urus First Drive Review

Soon, we had the familiar bends at our disposal. Back to Corsa mode. Blitzing the straights and attacking the corners like a true Lambo, the Urus makes its DNA very evident. Acid of creation talks aside, what Corsa does is well and truly essential to traditional character. On the open road, the numbers were higher. Here, in the bends, shifts from first to second were accompanied by the thus far missed brutality that I had experienced in the Aventador. That’s properly wild and, yet, it makes for eye-widening performance that leaves you longing for more. It’s sharp and committed, and dares you to doubt its credentials. Which brings me to one essential point: it doesn’t matter what mode you’re in – Corsa, Sport, Strada or even Terra – the Urus feels nowhere near its two-tonne-plus weight. Low speed, high speed, mud, gravel, dirt, tarmac, straights or corners – it feels nimble and agile. Thanks to four-wheel steering, it even turns sharper and in a much smaller circle than anyone would deem possible.

It borders on unbelievable how Lamborghini have managed to pull off what they have. I see why the company expected demand to grow significantly. With the Urus, they will help quell any uncertainty of everyday usability in the mind of Lamborghini aspirants. It’s a game-changer, indeed. Apt that the legendary brand is feeling more bullish than ever.

Lamborghini Urus First Drive Review

Need to Know – Lamborghini Urus

Price: Rs 3.1 crore (ex-showroom, base price)

Engine: 3,996 cc, twin-turbo V8, petrol
Max Power: 650 PS @ 6,000 rpm
Max Torque: 850 Nm @ 2,250-4,500 rpm
Transmission: Eight-speed, automatic, all-wheel drive
Suspension: Multi-link, adaptive damping, air suspension, front and rear
Weight: 2,197 kg


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