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The Bugatti Chiron has set the world record for a production car: going from zero to 400 km/h to zero in 42 seconds.

With no new cars to show at the IAA (Frankfurt Motor Show) this year, Bugatti had a special treat: a new record for their latest revelation, the Chiron hypercar. In the hands of former Formula 1 driver Juan Pablo Montoya back on 6 August at Ehra-Lessien, the Bugatti Chiron was accelerated from standstill to 400 km/h and braked hard back to zero in 41.96 seconds, over just 3,112 metres. The acceleration run took 32.6 seconds and 2,621 metres, with braking taking 9.3 seconds and 491 metres.

Watch the official video from Bugatti right here. Don’t forget to check out the quarter-mile (400-metre) speed as it flashes through rather quickly…



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