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BMW 530d M Sport 3 5 web

A straight-six is at the heart of all this, of course. Still the same 84×90-mm bore-and-stroked 499-cc per cylinder standing in line, in attention. With its TwinPower Turbo boosting output and torque across a slightly lower band than before — peaking at 2,000 revs now and staying until 2,500 — and the revised gear ratios from the eight-speed Sports automatic transmission, there is quite a bit of difference from its predecessor. It’s just as quick and effortless, but it feels like there’s a little more meat in the sandwich and a little less fat. Besides, it’s not just about top speed — that’s 250 km/h limited, a bit more derestricted on an autobahn, with BMW’s permission and tweaking, perhaps — it’s about how it behaves on the road, and how it feels going about it all. The steering-wheel is unlike any I’ve driven in recent memory, and across segments. It’s leather-wrapped, yes, but there’s padding and just a hint of cushioning, enough to make it comfortable to grip in angst for a while and not feel a hint of discomfort, and plush enough to feel like a stress-buster at times.

Then again, it sort of is, isn’t it? Not just the steering wheel, the whole car. It’s got smart adaptive LED headlamps that level themselves, there’s ‘M’ detailing — the badge on the front quarters, on the blue brake calipers, and, inside, on the door sill guards and even in the displays. Even the seat changes its setup when you select ‘Sport’. Comfort certainly isn’t something that takes a back seat. It’s all around, and the ergonomics help you relax and sink into the car even further. Gesture control is one such inclusion, making things like changing tracks or adjusting the volume possible literally with the wave of your fingers. Furthermore, the latest evolution of the iDrive arrives putting every function at your fingertips, even displaying the output figures achieved on the centre display.

BMW 530d M Sport 3 web

There’s no shortage of thought or implementation of the necessary. Each little change has made life easier getting to the car, inside the car, on the move, more so when leaving. The remote key now finds its place on the wireless charging pad in the centre console. The key, as in the 7 Series, allows you to exit the vehicle, then park; if there happens to be a rather narrow space. The approach, or departure, lighting makes entry and exit more convenient, even pleasurable.

BMW 530d M Sport 5 web

There are all the goodies you would want that even make being stuck in traffic not too taxing — when you’re not pressed for time, that is. The ambient lighting is a thing of beauty. The replacement of climate controls with touch-sensitive units also marks a departure from the conventional. Audiophiles will appreciate the Harmon-Kardon surround-sound system, which reproduces every note: key strike, guitar riff or double-bass drum kicks, with perfect clarity. Wherever you look, there’s something new. And better.

The new 5 Series makes a splash in a segment at a crucial time. Competition is varied and intense, and the advent of new challengers means the new 5 has come in well-prepared. Truly a business-class suit thrown over a performance brute.

BMW 530d M Sport 6 web

Need to Know: BMW 530d M Sport

Price: Rs 61.30 lakh (ex-showroom)

Engine: 2,993-cc, in-line six, turbo-diesel
Max Power: 265 PS @ 4,000 rpm
Max Torque: 620 Nm @ 2,000-2,500 rpm
Transmission: Eight-speed, automatic, rear-wheel drive
Weight: 1,715 kg


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