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  • NOVEMBER 2015

    NOVEMBER 2015

    Paying the price for others’ mistakes: FOR THE LAST EIGHT YEARS I HAVE BEEN WRITING ABOUT HOW the traffic situation in our country is getting from bad to worse. The total disregard for traffic rules […]

  • OCTOBER 2015

    OCTOBER 2015

    When Shall We Catch Up With Them? EVERY TIME YOU DRIVE A NEW CAR FROM ONE OF THE PREMIUM manufacturers it feels that now it is going to be impossible to make a car to […]

  • SEPTEMBER 2015

    SEPTEMBER 2015

    Spare a Thought for Safety: SAFETY TAKES A BACK-SEAT IN INDIA IN ANYTHING AND everything, be it four people on a two-wheeler or sending your child to school in an auto-rickshaw with 10 other kids. […]

  • AUGUST 2015

    AUGUST 2015

    Something Attempted, Something Done: THIS MONTH CAR INDIA CELEBRATES ITS TENTH ANNIVERSARY AND I would like to thank all our readers for supporting us for all these years. I would also like to thank all […]