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  • Company


    CompanyThe Linea threatens to kill with its looks as Bunny Punia gets caught in a crossfire between the Italian and the AmericansPhotography Sanjay Raikar  There’s more to Italy than piza and pasta. Besides the […]

  • In accord with its name

    In accord with its name

    IN ACCORD WITH ITS NAME… …that’s the Superb for you, as Amit Chhangani discovered after engaging the Czech saloon in a fistfight with its oriental nemesisPhotography: Sanjay Raikar Well, you won’t think of the Superb […]

  • Czech mate?Honda Jazz

    Czech mate?Honda Jazz

    Czech mate?With the arrival of the Honda Jazz, is the Skoda Fabia’s segment supremacy in jeopardy? Can Bunny Puniaand Monica Thakkar agree to disagree?Photography: Sanjay Raikar  Gone are the days of the humble hatchback. […]

  • Supermini  Slugfest new wagonr

    Supermini Slugfest new wagonr

    Does the latest diesel entrant in the premium hatch segment have enough potential to take away the crown from the ruling king?Adhish Alawani finds outPhotography Sanjay Raikar  The Hyundai i20 made its entry in […]

  • Maruti Introduces-all-new Wagonr

    Maruti Introduces-all-new Wagonr

    Can FIAT’s gorgeous Punto succeed in stealing the limelight from the ever practical Maruti Ritz? Story: Bunny PuniaPhotography: Sanjay Raikar  Small is the new big in the country. We Indians have always wanted more […]

  • Survival of the Biggest-Audi Q7,BMW X5….

    Survival of the Biggest-Audi Q7,BMW X5….

    Is the revamped Audi Q7 ruffled by the presence of the BMW X5 and Mercedes ML? Story Bunny PuniaPhotography Sanjay Raikar  I was part of the three SUV convoy as we battled hard against […]