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A 300-odd-kilometre trip from Behrampur led us to Koraput and some more cultural exploration. Our first stop was at the home of an artisan who makes figurines from paddy husk and silk thread. Weaving magic with his fingers, he creates motifs of gods, animals, and historical figures. He has made figurines of up to five feet tall and is the only practitioner of this craft in the area. We also witnessed the process of dyeing cloth and threads that are so prolifically used in these native art forms. A completely eco-friendly process with no chemicals involved and the resultant clothing is rich and vibrant in every hue you can think of. We also witnessed a couple of leather workers putting together percussion instruments with care and deliberation.

After taking in the artwork, we headed back out again, this time for the Daringbadi region for some eco-tourism. Living at the Nature Camp in Daringbadi, we were in the heart of the verdant valley and enjoyed a boisterous bonfire night and stellar sunrises the next morning. Our exploration of the region took us first to the nearby pinewood forests. The strapping trees with thick trunks were spread out as far as the eye could see and wherever one stepped, one heard the tell-tale crunch of a pine-cone being crushed underfoot. The air was awash with the quintessential pine-tree aroma and the quiet calm of the woods was enhanced by the gurgle of a nearby brook.


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