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New Delhi, as we all know is India’s capital. The political hub, the corridors of power; where are all the big decisions take place and the country’s most prominent movers and shakers reside. It can all get a little bit crowded though, and when you need a break, what do you do? We decided to head out to Mussoorie for some much needed rest and relaxation.

To start at the home of the president of the nation – the Rashtrapati Bhavan was perfectly symbolic as we set off on this journey, aiming to cover a distance just shy of 300 kilometres.

Our vehicle of choice to ascend into the Queen of the Hills was the Hyundai Verna. So off we went, down the legendary Grand Trunk Road, and immediately faced traffic even at the crack of dawn. After successfully navigating the gridlock and taking full advantage of the Verna’s ability to quickly change direction, we broke through and headed out onto the NH 34 that leads to Meerut. On reaching Meerut, it was time grab a quick bite before proceeding onward with the journey.

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Soon enough we slipped onto NH 334, chopping down the miles with consummate ease, but all that stopped as we passed Roorkee. Traffic was chock-a-block, and caused a three-hour delay that would have been a lot more frustrating if we didn’t have some tunes for company, and the Verna’s interior keeping us cushy.

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Dehradun came next, and the traffic was chaotic here too. But then, finally, mercifully, there were sparsely populated twists and turns leading up to Mussoorie. A whole eleven kilometers of cornering fun later and we arrived at our Hotel and Mussoorie. The day’s traffic meant we reached a lot later than expected, and needed to head out early the next morning.

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And so, we did just that, our first port of call was Lal Tibba. Lal Tibba is the highest peak in the hill-station, and offers up some breathtaking scenes of both the little town we were in, and the rest the Doon Valley as well. There are even some massive binoculars available to enhance your enjoyment of the views on offer.

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Next, it was time to head to the famous Mall Road, home of Mussoorie’s hustle-bustle and a veritable beehive of activity. After checking out some of the shops and their wares, we moved on. Our last stop in this sleepy little haven was the home of a legend – the one and only Sir George Everest. And yes, in case you are wondering, Mt. Everest is named after this renowned Welsh geographer and surveyor, and he spent a good eleven years in this, his Mussoorie home.

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Mussoorie is the perfect place to relax, breathe the fresh mountain air, and unwind after all the trials of New Delhi’s big city life. So it was great to get out and about, and in the Verna, our fun, comfort, and the trip overall were all amplified that much more.

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