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Having driven enough on the country roads where I could experience initial acceleration up to 80 km/h due to speed limits, I got into the navigation system, searched my way to the autobahn and headed straight for the zone with no speed limits. This was the time I had
been waiting for and the wait was worth everything.
As soon as I hit the autobahn, I turned the rotary dial to the S+ mode and got on to the gas. The deep bass from the exhaust notes struck my eardrums as the V8 made better music than anything I had experienced before. And, within seconds, the speedometer was reading figures in excess of 250 km/h. If only the traffic had shown a little mercy, the Affalterbach would have travelled all the way to 317 km/h before hitting its electronic limit. And even at speeds a little shy of the 300 km/h mark, the SLS maintains its calm and composure. It shifts lanes as per the driver’s commands and with ease that we mortals can only imagine.
Ahhhh… The navigation warned me of heavy traffic heading into Stuttgart and I had no option but to face it. This is where I panicked a little because of the size of the car. By no means is this SLS small. It’s long and quite broad at the same time. To put it in perspective, at 1,939 mm, it’s broader than the S-Class. While getting through the tight traffic, moving slowly and crawling through the narrow lanes until the hotel, the last thing that I wanted was to get a scratch anywhere on the car. But the ease with which the engine purred around as also the ease with which the car responded to the steering was phenomenal, which brings me to a very important point. How is this car to live with? Look at it as a supercar, it feels far more practical than what you would think of it. It’s not too stiff to drive, has more than adequate juice to do 0-317 km/h in about 35 seconds, drives well at slow speeds and has enough space in the boot for the weekend trip luggage. As for me, it was the most exhilarating drive I had ever done. Long live AMG!

1. Loads of room is available for driver and passenger in the leather and carbon-fibre laden interiors

2. The 6.2-litre V8 engine is same as the one doing duties in other AMGs. However, this one has a dry sump, and modified inlet and exhaust valves

3. Weight is crucial and AMG has thought of it in every bit of the car. Carbon-fibre mirrors are an example of that

4. The 19-inch wheels with low profile tyres surprisingly didn’t pose a big trouble on country roads

5.The rear spoiler can be deployed with the press of a button on the centre console
6.The SLS AMG’s gullwings can grab absolutely everyone’s attention



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