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  • Audi A3 to Hampi

    Audi A3 to Hampi

    We take Audi’s compact A3 sedan to explore the historic town of Hampi. The Here’s how our ancient explorations went

  • Pune to Rann of Kutch in the Audi Q7

    Pune to Rann of Kutch in the Audi Q7

    We take Audi’s flagship SUV to India’s famous salt plans for some off-road fun, and see if we can spot some of the Rann’s most famous denizens while we’re there. Read all about our adventure-packed […]

  • Audi Q7 from Goa to Gir

    Audi Q7 from Goa to Gir

    From transporting motor sport royalty to spotting the king of the jungle, we do it all in the mighty Q7 on this road trip

  • Audi Q7 to Chikamagaluru

    Audi Q7 to Chikamagaluru

      We set off in the flagship Audi SUV to seek peace, beauty, and coffee in the hills of Chikamagaluru, Karntaka. Here’s how it all panned out