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  • The Future Is Electrifying

    The Future Is Electrifying

    Electric cars were the bestselling vehicles in the US more than a century ago. Can they make a comeback? Words: Sarmad Kadiri and Saeed Akhtar The electrification of the automobile is inevitable,” says Bob Lutz, […]

  • Intelligent Performance

    Intelligent Performance

    The 918 Spyder heralds the dawn of a new age in sustainable transport, reckons Saeed Akhtar Compared to its previous showing, this year’s Geneva Motor Show had an upbeat tempo and optimism to it. There […]

  • Saving Resources

    Saving Resources

    This month we talk about conservation of a different kind with a little help from flexible production models Words: Saeed Akhtar The recent economic hurricane has left every aspect of business in a tizzy. All […]

  • Micro car, macro drive

    Micro car, macro drive

    In concept, it sounds beautifully simple. Take a few Nanos and head off on an epic, around the country drive. Throw in the media, have everybody drive a leg or two and finally, at every […]

  • Less Glitter

    Less Glitter

    Less GlitterMany European and American carmakers were absent at Japan’s biggest auto showText: Ravi.ChandnaniPhotos: Newspress NV200 VANETTE TAXI PX-MIEV SUBARU BOXER CONCEPT Although Japanese manufacturers dominated the 41st Tokyo Motor Show, other carmakers who were […]

  • small-torque


    SMALL TORQUE Dr. Manfred Duernholz, Joint MD of Bosch Limited tells Sarmad Kadiri that India could be sitting on a heap of opportunities in terms of low cost diesel technology The office cabin was abuzz […]