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Volvo 2014 Concept XC Coupe 1 web

Volvo Cars have been synonymous with safety for decades now, and over the last few of those, we have seen everything from a frugal sports convertible to a big seven-seater SUV.

Over the past few years, Volvo have begun to focus even more on efficiency and maximising fuel economy. So much so, that their much-loved V8 engine was axed at the end of 2010, with the 3.2 and T6 six-cylinder engines now treading death row. Volvo Engine Architecture was announced, which has now become their Drive-E range of extremely efficient and powerful 2.0-litre four-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, which use forced induction and direct injection in ways never before seen.

While the new T6 petrol will be an inline-four, it will use a supercharger-turbocharger combo and put out 3.0-turbo power from 33% less displacement and cylinders alike. Their diesel line will use i-ART technology for injection, with pressure feedback from each fuel injector instead a traditional single pressure sensor in the common rail, as well as injection pressures as high as 2,500 bar! Efficiency and emissions taken care off, then. Furthering that aspect will be the new 8-speed automatic transmission which will be able to harness ratios for maximum of both ends of the performance spectrum – acceleration or economy.

Volvo 2014 Concept Coupe 1 web

Why that recap? Because their new cars, based off the first Concept Coupé and Concept XC Coupé, still only two out of the three promised concepts unveiled as of now, point out the direction the company is heading. With their Scalable Product Architecture in place, we can expect the sedan platform to give us everything from a new S60 to the V70 and S80, as well as a modern take on the legendary P1800. The C30 and V40 hatchbacks still look astonishingly modern when compared to offerings from competitors, but, without a doubt, they will also be subject to quite a few changes and refreshed bits as well; and it won’t be limited to just engines. The new T-shaped lights front and rear will find their place across the model range, replacing the highly distinctive S-shaped red signature their cars leave today. The all-new S40 entry-sedan too is not very far away now.

Volvo 2014 Concept XC Coupe 2 web

The XC Coupé sheds light on what we can expect when Volvo unveil the XC90 replacement; something that has taken over a decade! That new car will be long, wide and low. Whether it will have two or four doors is all speculation for now, but whichever way it goes, it will make for a deliciously futuristic package, complete with seven seats and safety technology and features which even the Germans will soon end up borrowing. Down the pecking order, the XC60, which has done very well indeed for the company, should see an all-new model. The V40 Cross Country may also make way for a more capable XC40, which will properly take on the likes of the Audi Q3 and Mercedes-Benz GLA. >>contd.


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