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Toyota’s ambitious Hydrogen-powered Fuel Cell Vehicle (FCV) will make it’s ‘sales début’ only next year, but it’s already making waves due to the cutting edge technology it employs. Toyota further showcased just how incredible this project is at the recently concluded Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The electric motor that powers this sedan is capable of producing more than 100 kW of power when completely topped up, giving it a range of approximately 483 km, or as they demonstrated in LA, enough power to run a house for about a week. The only by product of all this? Water, because that’s what the only ’emission’ is from this hydrogen-fuelled engine.

In fact, engineers at Toyota are working on figuring out a straightforward solution that will help bridge this very gap. They hope to blur the lines between the car as a means of transport and an unconventional power supply unit, with the hope that the end result will help turn the FCV into a resource for power in desperate times, and one that can be employed in an uncomplicated manner. This isn’t a novel concept by any means, because there have been reports of Hybrid vehicles doubling up as emergency power sources as long ago as the Japan earthquakes of 2011, but to make it an official feature and one that’s easy to use is definitely a step in the right direction. What with all the power cuts here in India especially, this feature might come in quite handy when the FCV finally makes to our shores.

Story: Harket Suchde

Toyota FCV 2015 web 2


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