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From Koraput, it was off to Daringbadi for the Sonet and me to witness the natural beauty that this hill-station had to offer. Our first port of call in this region was the pine forests where I explored the off-road capabilities of the Sonet. It comes with traction modes that you can set according to the terrain you are driving in. So, I did just that and used the proximity sensors to great effect to glide through the narrow gaps of the soaring pine trees in this forest.

From there I headed towards another famous landmark, the Midubanda Falls. This meant more off-roading and by this time I had got the hang of things and was really carrying speeds in the muddy bits, the Sonet staying perfectly unfazed by it all. Having parked up I started walking towards the falls, and caught myself repeatedly looking over my shoulder to admire every carefully-thought-out curve and crease that meld together to form this aggressive design; the red, somewhat muddy SUV looked extremely imposing in the picturesque surroundings. By the time I walked down to the falls and then hiked back up, it was time to head to the last stop in Daringbadi, the sunset point.

As I watched the dying embers of our life-giving fiery ball descend behind the hills, I couldn’t help admiring the lines and curves of the Sonet that were reflecting that tell-tale orange glow. This is a seriously stunning SUV and offers just the right amount of butch elements, which are tempered by equal servings of poise and grace. This, along with its superb handling, silky gearbox, and thunderous performance, has already made the Sonet a winner in my books and our adventures together are only just beginning. I can hardly wait to continue this journey through Odisha in the Sonet and see what other pleasant surprises each has in store for me.


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