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  • Travelogue – Audi Q5 to Kochi

    Travelogue – Audi Q5 to Kochi

    Audi’s new Q5 SUV impressed us when we reviewed it recently. However, SUVs are built for adventures, and a true test of its mettle would require a long journey in different environments. A roadtrip from […]

  • Audi A3 to Hampi

    Audi A3 to Hampi

    We take Audi’s compact A3 sedan to explore the historic town of Hampi. The Here’s how our ancient explorations went

  • Audi Q7 to Chikamagaluru

    Audi Q7 to Chikamagaluru

      We set off in the flagship Audi SUV to seek peace, beauty, and coffee in the hills of Chikamagaluru, Karntaka. Here’s how it all panned out

  • Audi Q3 to the Leh

    Audi Q3 to the Leh

    We took the smallest SUV in Audi’s Q line-up to the highest motorable road. Read on to see what adventures we faced in the mighty mountains Story: Harket Suchde Photography: Saurabh Botre The call of […]

  • Taking in the Taj in the Audi A4

    Taking in the Taj in the Audi A4

    The Audi A4 is our ride this time around as we head from India’s capital to arguable her most recognised monument. Here’s a quick look at our drive