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  • Car India Awards 2018

    Car India Awards 2018

    The year gone by had a plethora of launches and we’ve been busy picking winners.

  • 50 Years of AMG part VI – Evolution

    50 Years of AMG part VI – Evolution

        Celebrating 50 glorious years of high-speed, high-octane performance, Mercedes-AMG have gone from strength to strength; learning, changing, and evolving. Downsizing is evident in this day and age, but only Affalterbach could have made it […]

  • Mehr Hubraum hatte keiner: Mercedes-Benz SL 73 AMG (1999-2001) der Baureihe R 129 (1989-2001). ;

Displacement like no other: the Mercedes-Benz SL 73 AMG (1999-2001) of the R 129 series (1989-2001).;

    50 Years of AMG part II – The Coming to Power

    AMG, the performance arm of German luxury icon Mercedes-Benz, completes 50 years of existence this year. In this second of a multi-part series, Car India takes a look at what goes into AMG cars that […]