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In Each Other’s Cross Hairs


The Hyundai Creta and the Maruti Suzuki S Cross were launched almost back to back in a move that would see neither give the other the first-mover advantage. Their prices are pretty close and they both offer the same set of USPs too. Confused? Well, here’s help

Story: Aninda Sardar
Photography: Sanjay Raikar

A couple of years ago sedans used to generate the kind of excitement that the launch of a crossover does today. In the ever-changing world of consumer demands, the “status symbol quotient” of the sedan has lost out to the “flexibility” of the crossover. Naturally, the two biggest car-makers in India, Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai, have taken a keen interest in the business of selling crossovers and have started an intense conflict in the crossover segment with their S Cross and Creta respectively. That’s all good to know, but which of these should you, the consumer/owner, put your money on really? That is exactly what we’re here to help you with. And to answer that question once and for all we have here Maruti’s Nexa-generation weapon, the S Cross 320 DDiS, being pitted against Hyundai’s Creta CRDi. Both are in their range-topping guises as well to help equate out on the features aspect. So here goes…

Round one, which is the design and styling end of life, goes straight to the Hyundai. On visual appeal alone, the Creta looks smarter, more contemporary and definitely more exciting. The S Cross, in comparison, looks a tad staid and much too understated. In addition, there is that difference in stance. While the Creta stands tall and looks every bit the butch SUV, the S Cross sits squatter and looks more like an estate wagon on stilts. I will refrain at this point from commenting on which looks better (most of you would already have guessed which one I like), but would urge you to look at the pictures and decide for yourself which one appeals to your sensibilities.


The situation gets balanced as we step into the cars. Although the S Cross’ dashboard is similar to what we’ve seen in the Ciaz, the quality game has been vastly improved upon by Maruti Suzuki. Everything here has a dash of the premium. Under normal circumstances, with Hyundai leading the interiors game in most of the segments they are present in, this round too would have gone to the Koreans. However, with the S Cross things are different. Not only does the Maruti cabin feel as plush as the Creta’s, the former takes the fight straight to the latter on space too. Where the Creta offers more headroom and legroom up front and more shoulder-room at the back, the S Cross hits back with higher front and rear knee-room. So round two is a tie.

Round three — the issue of creature comforts, again should have been a straight win for the Hyundai. But it isn’t. On this aspect, the S Cross is actually better armed than the Creta. While the Creta only offers a rear a-c vent and a 12V power outlet for the rear passengers over and above what the S Cross has on offer, the latter has auto-dimming rear-view mirror, voice activated commands and auto function for headlamps and wipers. Nope. Round three goes to the S Cross. Thus far, we’ve reached a stalemate with one round each going to the Hyundai Creta and Maruti Suzuki S Cross and a third ending in a tie. Do the stakes change when you start driving? You betcha.



About the author: Aninda Sardar


Assistant Editor at Car India. Believes in the power of simplicity and in the simplicity of power (when it comes to engines of course).

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