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  • Q Up for Green

    Q Up for Green

    SUVs battle not just tough terrain but accusations of being anti-environment. Audi hope to score some brownie points with the new Q7 e-tron plug-in hybrid

  • Racy and verdant

    Racy and verdant

    A nippy, go-anywhere vehicle with more than a dash of green — sounds ideal? The latest Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is tough and environment-friendly too

  • Did you know? THIS MONTH  Kia Motors

    Did you know? THIS MONTH Kia Motors

    Kia Motors are South Korea’s oldest car manufacturing company, who trace their history to June 9, 1944, when they came into being as manufacturers of steel tubing and bicycle components by hand. The company currently operates as one of the biggest conglomerates of that country. With headquarters in Seoul, Kia Motors are the second largest automobile manufacturers of South Korea.

  • Forget battery EVs: fuel cells remain the future

    Forget battery EVs: fuel cells remain the future

    Nissan’s electric Leaf stole the 2010 limelight. But not for long, says Jesse Crosse

    Battery evs may have stolen the headlines in 2010, but hear this: they are NOT the future of motoring.  Major car manufacturers agree that hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles (FCEV) ‘remain the end game’ for the long-term, which will be made feasible in Europe by a massive investment in hydrogen filling stations.