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Give your car techie accessories to make it sporty

The INDY-CATOR G is an innovative acceleration meter that displays the G-force’s being pulled in the car while cornering, accelerating and braking giving you an exact idea of how hard you are going. The highest G’s experienced are stored in its memory and are displayed when the engine is started. This sporty device can be mounted on any car. Are you game? Price: Rs 9800

INDY-CATOR shifter knob
The new funky shifter knob from GASLOCK is a universal LCD gear knob that can be fitted in cars with manual gearboxes. It displays the selected gear and will give your car a true sporty tone. The gear shifter is available in red, green and blue colours to suit the interiors of your car. Price: Rs 7800

GASLOCK’s new INDY-CATOR dash is the next step in gear indication technology. This INDY-CATOR will display the currently selected gear on the dash of your car. It comes with a wide range of 16 colour displays that can be chosen to match the lighting of the car. Price: Rs 10,800

GASLOCK has brought in the INDY-CATOR volt which sports a clear LCD display of the onboard voltage in the car. It comes with the same wide range of 16 colour displays as the INDY-CATOR dash to suit your car’s lighting scheme. Price: Rs 7200

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