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  • Photon Beam

    Photon Beam

    The Phaeton is Volkswagen`s weapon of choice in the rarified luxury car segment. Aspi Bhathena gets behinds its wheel After two days at the Frankfurt Motor Show, it was like we will all be driving […]

  • Pimp Your Ride

    Pimp Your Ride

    Give your car techie accessories to make it sporty INDY-CATOR G The INDY-CATOR G is an innovative acceleration meter that displays the G-force’s being pulled in the car while cornering, accelerating and braking giving you […]

  • À la CARte

    À la CARte

    Kenwood’s newest in-car entertainment systems are out to charm your audiovisual senses   DDX8034BT 7-inch wide VGA display Dolby digital and DTS supported 5.1-channel surround processor Built-in USB input, SD slot and disk drive support […]

  • Pedaled Star

    Pedaled Star

    Mercedes-Benz give you a chance to conquer every terrain with their new range of pedaled vehicles 1. RACING BIKE This exclusive bike manufactured in a limited edition of 100 units sports a carbonfibre frame, carbotec […]

  • Acme Of Perfection

    Acme Of Perfection

    That’s already proven for the petrol variant, but is the diesel E any better? Story Bunny Punia Photography Sanjay Raikar Mercedes-Benz calls the all-new E a car that is perceptive, sophisticated, intelligent and intuitive. I […]

  • XF-TIional


    There are cars, and there are cars. And then there are Jaguars One might begin talking about the XF by reaching for superlatives. Predictably, in your first fifteen minutes in the car, adjectives such as […]