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  • Revamped Palio coming soon

    Revamped Palio coming soon

    The car will be showcased at the 2010 Auto Expo The Palio doesn’t seem to be doing too well for FIAT in India. With sales figures of around 300 units per month, many feel that […]

  • Nissan’s small car exposed

    Nissan’s small car exposed

    Production version sketches leaked on the web Nissan’s next generation small car, based on the new ‘V’ platform, may have been slated for an Indian launch in May 2010, but the leaked official drawings that […]

  • porshe panamera trolley

    porshe panamera trolley

    PORSCHE PANAMERA TROLLEY   The Panamera accommodates the most number of girlfriends so it is only fitting that it should comfortably accommodate their Prada collection too. Now it will, thanks to these Panamera branded aluminum […]

  • retro sunglasses

    retro sunglasses

    PORSCHE DESIGN P8433 RETRO SUNGLASSES       Roadsters mean sunglasses, period. Add a touch of retro chic with these gold rimmed sunglasses. In cases you don’t like the featured lens (but why won’t you?), […]

  • porshe design shoulder & toiltries bag

    porshe design shoulder & toiltries bag

    PORSCHE DESIGN SHOULDER & TOILETRIES BAG     Cart all the things needed to keep your 911 clean in the shoulder bag. Cart all the things needed to keep yourself clean in the toiletries bag.

  • Turbo chronograph

    Turbo chronograph

    PORSCHE DESIGN P66750 WORLDTIMER & PANAMERA TURBO CHRONOGRAPH     Crafted from exotic materials like rose gold and displaying two time zones at once, these watches are ideal for checking your lap times round the […]