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After enjoying a moment of tranquil contemplation in the woods, we headed out towards the Midubanda Waterfall. A quick off-road path just 15-odd kilometres away from Daringbadi town gets you to this particular hidden treasure. Take 151 steps down from the parking area and you will be greeted by a cacophony of crashing water. The waterfall is quite impressive and you get right up close to it — both at the base where it collects and the point where it first starts its descent.

On the way back from the waterfall, I spotted a sign that said “coffee garden” and as a certified java nut myself, I was all but compelled to pull over. The coffee estate here in Daringbadi also hosts a rabbit enclosure where you can see the little critters frolic about. Apart from the heavenly beverage that is coffee, the plantation also grows pepper, some fruit, and a particularly delightful little chilli pepper that is as small as your toenail but packs an almighty wallop.

Our last stop in Daringbadi — and on this leg of our journey overall — was the sunset point. Watching the drama and the all-natural light show as the sun dipped behind the clouds and splattered the sky with hues of yellow, orange, pink, and purple was jaw-dropping and a perfect way to draw the first part of our Odisha adventure to a close. They say that Odisha has a secret at every corner and, from what I have seen so far on this trip, I have absolutely no reason to doubt that.


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