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From the monastery, we headed to Gopalpur where we visited the scenic Gopalpur Beach. Just a short walk along a private access path from our OTDC Panthanivas resort and we were suddenly surrounded by glistening sand and crashing waves. The ocean was a clear blue, the beach was absolutely pristine and mostly deserted too. Only the odd fisherfolk walked up and down with the morning’s catch. In fact, I spotted more crabs scuttling across and diving in and out of their hidey-holes than I did people. If you are of the sun-meets-sand disposition, Gopalpur has to be on your bucket list.

From the beach, we headed towards nearby Behrampur to see what tussar weaving was all about. There’s a whole community of these skilled weavers who use their handlooms and their nous to craft gorgeous silk saris, shawls, scarves, dhotis, and more. The process of making tussar silk is only known by this community and it is passed down from one generation to the next.


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