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Stop ahead and ask for directions- this sentence nowadays is used sparingly, the navigation systems in cars has made traveling much easier, it has now become a trend and a necessity because of which manufacturers try to incorporate these systems cars. The navigation sector is growing and evolving at a fast pace, due to which one can see a lot of trends and products in the market from India and abroad as well.

NNG is a global navigation solution provider for Automotive, Personal and Wireless navigation markets and have teamed up with their local partner ANS (Ayana Navigation Solutions) in lieu of promoting new navigational products and trends in India.

NNG and ANS showcased its customized navigation solutions for the global markets along with India specific navigation solutions. The company highlighted certain trends that they look to introduce in the Indian market based on the growing customer needs, which include- HMI technology, digital integration and Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS).

Digital Integration

The smart phone is an integral part of our life, taking this into consideration NNG has fused the smart phone technology into the cars. This integration has enhanced connectivity, in-car software updates and helps to minimize driver distraction. NNG have developed a product called NavFusion, which is designed to integrate the smart phone to the infotainment system. NavFusion synchronises personal data from the smartphone to the car’s infotainment system, which enables the navigation system to adapt to the driver’s lifestyle.

Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)

Advanced Driver Assistance System is the new age technology which helps to enhance driver experience and safety. The ADAS is developed to automate breaking, lighting and cruise control. The other features include GPS and traffic warnings, lane assist, open up blind spots, pre-crash assist and helps to warn the drivers of potential dangers from nearby cars and pedestrians. NNG exhibited a product based on this concept, which promotes a safer and better driving experience.

Human Machine Interface (HMI) Technology

NNG and ANS are working in collaboration to give the Indian markets the future of in-car HMI experience. In today’s day and age, it has become almost a necessity for manufacturers to provide the customers with an integrated infotainment system. The HMI technology accommodates the driver’s preferred style of driving and integrates features such as mobile devices, navigation systems and vehicle-specific technology. NNG acquired an American company to increase investments and further propel the development of this kind of in-car technology.

Commenting on the occasion, Peter Bolesza, VP of Emerging Markets, NNG said “Our goal is to maintain our leading position in technological innovations in the navigation industry. As technology evolves every day, our aim is to bring the most up-to-date and user friendly solutions to India, and to shape the local navigation industry in accordance with the latest trends”.

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