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It may not have the same firepower as the SLS AMG, but Mercedes AMG’s latest sports car, the GT S, which steps into the its shoes, is an absolute treat to drive
Photography: Sanjay Raikar & Mercedes-AMG

This is the best sports car I have driven,” said Bernd Schneider, former five-time DTM champion, at the launch of the AMG GT S, Mercedes-Benz India’s 14th car launched in 2015. And to test Bernd’s statement I headed to the Buddh International Circuit (BIC), near the capital city, to drive the car that replaced the highly capable SLS AMG. How does this latest sports car from Germany feel? Read on to find out. With a focus on fast timing, the GT S was developed as a replacement for the ferocious SLS AMG. And to deliver a better level of performance, the dynamics, engine and the suspension of the GT S were honed meticulously, to make it an even more engaging car to drive than the SLS, and after two fun and fast laps, I was convinced.

Powering this sleek sports car is Mercedes AMG’s latest 4.0-litre twin-turbo motor that houses the turbos inside the V rather than the more conventional setup where the turbos are placed on the outside. This setup has its own advantages such as compact packaging, improved engine efficiency and better weight distribution. With dry sump lubrication and a compact design, the engine weighs only 209 kilos, thus making it the lightest in its segment.
The weight-saving technicalities do not end just there, though. Apart from a light engine, Mercedes AMG engineers have also managed to make the lightest chassis in its segment, which weighs just 231 kilos. Lightweight suspension that uses forged aluminium components also helped AMG shed some more weight. Besides, the seven-speed AMG Speedshift sports transmission, which uses a dual-clutch setup, is mounted on the rear axle for better weight distribution. All these weight-saving measures make the GT S a brilliant car to drive as I found out at the BIC.

Let us get back to the growling engine, which is the first thing you notice about the GT S, apart from its brilliant design. The sound of the GT S alone is enough to give you a frisson of excitement. At idle, a low burbling growl sets the mood for an adrenaline-pumping session and when you nail that throttle, the engine simply sings at the top of its voice, emitting a soul-and-spirit-stirring soundtrack that is hard to beat. Of course, you can tone it down via the exhaust settings, but I did not touch that button.



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