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  • JUNE 2019

    JUNE 2019

    An Area Crying Out for Improvement THE GENERAL ELECTION ISĀ  OVER AND THE BHARATIYA JANATA Party has come back to power with a thumping majority. Now they need to set the economy right, because if […]

  • MAY 2019

    MAY 2019

    Market None Too Sanguine CAR SALES IN INDIA HAVE BEEN SHOWING A DOWNWARD TREND month after month. Even Maruti have cut production due to lack of demand; something that was unheard of. Incidentally, Maruti had […]

  • APRIL 2019

    APRIL 2019

    Alarming Portents THE NGT MADE A STATEMENT THAT CARS POLLUTE MORE THAN firecrackers, so they should not ban crackers. However, they seem to forget that firecrackers are not a necessity, whereas cars are; for one […]

  • MARCH 2019

    MARCH 2019

    This Callous Attitude Must Change THE FIRST WEEK OF FEBRUARY WAS DEDICATED TO ROAD SAFETY. Most car manufacturers launched road safety initiatives in one form or another. The biggest issue for us is that we […]

  • FEBRUARY 2019

    FEBRUARY 2019

    Launches Galore THE LAST COUPLE OF MONTHS SAW A DECLINE IN THE SALES of new cars due to a sluggish economy, rise in the cost of fuel, and the agrarian crisis. However, after a brief […]

  • JANUARY 2019

    JANUARY 2019

    Clear Roadmap Required ANOTHER YEAR HAS FLOWN BY. LAST YEAR VERY FEW mass-market cars were launched as compared to the luxury segment. The year also saw a lot of back-and-forth on the EV and hybrid […]