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  • MARCH 2017

    MARCH 2017

    Merit Acknowledged THE 12TH CAR India Awards were presented last month. We had 29 cars lined up for the jury members to drive. They had a long day driving all the cars to make sure […]

  • FEBRUARY 2017

    FEBRUARY 2017

    Let Us Hope for Better Times THE INDIAN economy has witnessed a dip following demonetisation and along with that car sales are at an eight-year low. The government is going to present the Union Budget […]

  • JANUARY 2017

    JANUARY 2017

    A Decade at the Helm IT WAS IN December 2007 that I took over as the editor of Car India. The January 2008 issue carried my first editorial and this editorial marks my 10th year […]

  • DECEMBER 2016

    DECEMBER 2016

    Troubled Times ANOTHER YEAR has flown by, and 2016 seems to have passed quicker than 2015. The new car market was just about picking up over the last couple of months but we will have […]

  • NOVEMBER 2016

    NOVEMBER 2016

    Heartening Trend NEW CAR SALES have seen a healthy growth for the second month in a row thanks to a good monsoon. The cross-border tension with Pakistan is making people apprehensive and if it escalates […]

  • OCTOBER 2016

    OCTOBER 2016

    The Best of Both Worlds THE PROBLEM OF pollution in Delhi seems to be under control at the moment due to the seasonal change, but fog and smog will envelop the capital city as soon […]