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The Korean carmaker will launch a new sub-brand called ‘N’ at the upcoming Frankfurt Motor show

Hyundai, the fastest growing car brand in the world, is headed to Frankfurt Motor Show with a new sub-brand called ‘N’. Inspired by Hyundai’s motorsport experiences, this new division will be responsible for developing new performance-oriented models that will highlight the Korean company’s technological prowess and engineering competency. This new sub-brand will also focus on the company’s dedication towards high-performance machines and will perfectly signify the fast pace at which Hyundai is advancing in the automotive world.

At Frankfurt, Hyundai will showcase the new-generation i20 WRC challenger, which is based on the current i20 and developed by engineers at ‘N’ division. Hyundai’s WRC i20 is currently undergoing rigorous testing and development routine and will be ready, in full rally-spec, by the time it graces the stage at Frankfurt.

Along with the WRC i20, Hyundai will also showcase a concept called N 2025 Vision Gran Tourismo. This concept represents sustainable technology fused with race car design. It also highlights Hyundai’s perspective on future performance characteristics. Moreover, the N 2025 Vision Gran Tourismo will also be available to millions of fans through the Gran Turismo series, where gamers will be able to compete in this car, virtually, on racetracks around the world.

Last but not the least, another concept car called the RM15 will also see the light of day at Frankfurt. Powering this new mid-engine concept is a powerful, possibly turbocharged, 2.0-litre 300 PS motor, which is currently undergoing further development. The RM15 also represents Hyundai’s passion for performance as it is loaded with driver-centric technologies, which Hyundai says could come into production at a later stage. Further adding to that, the company has also said that future Hyundai cars will possibly feature even more high-performance tech used on the RM15 in many exciting ways.


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