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Range Rover Hybrid tackles 16,000 km endurance drive

Land Rover’s Range Rover line of SUVs need no introduction, for the forthcoming effort in it’s flagship line however, the UK based manufacturers are working on an environment-friendly, hybrid model. To put this, their latest creation definitively through its paces, the engineering team have decided to subject the hybrid to a rigorous journey spanning 12 countries and 16000 kms. The three prototypes of the Land Rover Hybrid will follow the legendary ‘silk trail’ established by traders who dealt in Chinese silk   in ancient times, and connects Europe to Asia.

The 3 Rovers set off from Land Rover’s plant in SoliHull, UK on the 22nd of August, and hope to arrive in Mumbai, India by the 15th of October, a journey of approximately 7 weeks. John Edwards, Land Rover Global Brand Director elucidated on what they hope to achieve through this expedition, he said, “A stunning combination of mountain passes, arid desert, high altitude, chaotic city streets, heat, humidity and wilderness will provide the perfect testing ground for our first hybrid.  Our engineers are using this adventure as the final development drive before the official sign-off for series production later this year.”

The Hybrid Range Rover will boast of a 3-litre SDV6 turbo diesel engine which combined with its 35 kW electric motor will produce 340 PS and 700 Nm of torque.              


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