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Audi Q3 2015 First Drive Munich 7

With the competition catching up fast, Audi had to update their cute little Q. We were among the first to drive this refreshed Q3 in Germany

Story: Ravi Chandnani
Photography: Audi AG

As many as 4,00,000 units sold worldwide since 2011. That’s Audi’s Q3 I am referring to. Riding high on its success in many countries, including our own, this popular compact SUV from Ingolstadt has proved its mettle in the industry. However, since the competition is getting dangerously close, it wasn’t really a surprise to see Audi release an updated version of the cute Q to stay a step ahead in the popularity challenge. We were one of the first magazines to drive the 2015 Q3 in the Bavarian capital and here is what we returned with.

It’s the same old wine, brilliant and sparkling, in the same old bottle, still it looks sensational; with a new sticker and a new cork, that is, updates. That was my first reaction when I saw the new Q3 outside the Audi-Forum in Munich. The wave of change is subtle as it hits all the right buttons to elevate the overall design to a level where the Q3 looks young and hip while being a little frivolous.

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All right, it is not a totally over-the-top makeover, though there is a decent amount of make-up on the new Q3. The dominating massive grille is surrounded by silver trim, which, according to Audi, gives it 3D effect. However, the feature that will attract most eyeballs is the new set of DRL or daytime running lights, which, in their new design, look just as cute as the SUV itself. If you like a bit more of that excellent German illumination, feel free to order yours with a set of LED headlamps. Completing the new look is the new sportier front bumper, which adds a lot of youthfulness to this three-year-old compact SUV. Lastly, Audi have re-designed the gorgeous wrap-around tail-lamps by re-arranging the LEDs and introducing smart new blinkers that sweep across the cluster rather than just emit a blink.

Strangely, things inside the car are pretty much the same. But, honestly, one is not disappointed because the classy cabin is as exuberant as the Q3 itself. It exudes contemporaneity with its high-quality interior and top-notch fit-and-finish. Thus there are no dramatic changes inside, but it is loaded to the brim with modern features that will satisfy the needs of even the most demanding tech-freaks.

Audi Q3 2015 First Drive Munich 6


About the author: Ravi Chandnani


Senior Correspondent
Car India Magazine,
Automotive Division,
Next Gen Publishing Ltd.


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