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‘T for Turbo’ – that’s what the new Ferrari California T will teach your children! Ferrari’s new car is a stunner and it looks just as astonishing as a prancing horse could!Ferrari California T 22 web

The all-new California T is a makeover for the ages. Gone is the old bodywork and stiff face and in comes what appears to be a car mighty pleased with its new heart – blowers and all. Because under that beautiful Italian skin and retractable hard-top is an all-new 3,855cc turbocharged and direct injected 90-degree V8 engine mated to a dual-clutch F1 gearbox. What you get, is 560 PS at a screaming (for a turbo-motor) 7,500 RPM and an equally substantial 755 Nm of torque! That’s just 10 PS less than the standard 458 Italia, but a significant 215 Nm more! Moreover, those huge number of twists come in at 4,750 RPM, still high for a turbo, but low enough for you to consider not skipping breakfast and lunch so you can afford the fuel after you’ve made the purchase of the car.

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Ferrari promise a 0-100 km/h time of 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 316 km/h. They also stick out a huge horse neck and say that it will deliver up to 9.5 km/litre! For what is essential their stepping-stone to the Ferrari world of new cars – a California, you get proper supercar performance, the badge, the style and the heritage, all in one delectable 1625-kg package. The California T is just 1,322mm high and together with that swoopy design and the cutting-edge engineering technology behind it all, you just know it’s going to be as slippery and quick as you could expect; maybe even better!

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All in all, the California T seems like the perfect replacement to the Ferrari California and it’s hard to see why it won’t go on to create a fan following; why it won’t go and become one of the most respected sportscars today; why it won’t go and be remembered as proper Ferrari!

Story: Jim Gorde
Images: Ferrari.com

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