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Ferrari are reportedly working on a successor to the California, to be launched in 2015. The new car will raise the standards for their first-in-the-range. The development of the car is expected to be at an advanced stage and should be revealed to the world at the Geneva Motor Show this March.

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The new Ferrari will, like many cars of a similar vein, sport forced induction. A new twin-turbo V8 engine, most likely the 3.8-litre unit from the Maserati Quattroporte, which they, in fact, build, will be the motor of choice. With 530 PS and 710 Nm of torque available in the flagship Maserati sports saloon, we don’t doubt it will do well in the lightweight California-replacement. The California, introduced in 2008, delivered 460 PS and 485 Nm. It was then refreshed and launched as the California 30, making 490 PS and 505 Nm; quite a spirited performer, to say the least.

The new car will retain, if not increase the percentage of aluminium while possibly involving carbon-fibre in its construction as well. The folding roof and twin-clutch transmission should continue untouched. While we also hope the price tag remains untouched, there’s absolutely no certainty about that staying put.

With a Spring 2014 launch looking set, the new Ferrari could just make it to our shores late next year.


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