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  • 2 Fast 2 Furious

    2 Fast 2 Furious

    What else can you think of after driving two turbocharged specials? Story Harmaan Madon Photography Sanjay Raikar There are plenty of performance car enthusiasts in this country, but sadly, very few cars to satiate this […]

  • Pop Crackle Whoosh

    Pop Crackle Whoosh

    Ten cars, 1680bhp and a loop around verdant Kerala. What a way to spend the day! Story Harmaan Madon Photography Sanjay Raikar Peter Chacko is a car enthusiast and the founder of the eponymous tuning […]

  • The Future Is Electrifying

    The Future Is Electrifying

    Electric cars were the bestselling vehicles in the US more than a century ago. Can they make a comeback? Words: Sarmad Kadiri and Saeed Akhtar The electrification of the automobile is inevitable,” says Bob Lutz, […]

  • Intelligent Performance

    Intelligent Performance

    The 918 Spyder heralds the dawn of a new age in sustainable transport, reckons Saeed Akhtar Compared to its previous showing, this year’s Geneva Motor Show had an upbeat tempo and optimism to it. There […]

  • Saving Resources

    Saving Resources

    This month we talk about conservation of a different kind with a little help from flexible production models Words: Saeed Akhtar The recent economic hurricane has left every aspect of business in a tizzy. All […]

  • Micro car, macro drive

    Micro car, macro drive

    In concept, it sounds beautifully simple. Take a few Nanos and head off on an epic, around the country drive. Throw in the media, have everybody drive a leg or two and finally, at every […]