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  • Ladies of Racing

    Ladies of Racing

    It’s a man’s world. Or is it? On International Women’s Day we take a look at some of the women who have left their indelible imprint on the world of motor racing

  • V are 10: Top 10 V10 Supercars

    V are 10: Top 10 V10 Supercars

    With Car India‘s 10th anniversary, what better way to celebrate than to give you a round-up of what we believe are the top 10 V10-powered cars?

  • Reality: Super-luxury SUV Arena

    Reality: Super-luxury SUV Arena

    It had to happen. People want to splurge on cars, but love SUVs. So, there was only solution: create a super-luxury SUV. And, the days of super-luxury excess have arrived.