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Word on the street is that Japanese luxury car manufacturers Lexus are headed for Indian shores. Naturally, we had to get you our view of what it’s like from the driver’s seat of their range-topping super luxury saloon car

Dial L for Luxury_Lexus LS 600h L AWD Exclusive First Drive (1)  Story: Aninda Sardar Photography: Sanjay Raikar The luxury end of the Indian automobile market has been flourishing for some time now. Vehicles that once upon a time you would wait for hours to catch a glimpse of can now be seen sprinting across cities every now and then. If the grapevine is to be believed, then the next entrant poised to leap into the luxury end of the Indian auto pool is none other than Japanese manufacturer Lexus. Normally this would be part of our in-depth ‘Bulletin’ section where we bring you the latest and most detailed coverage of automotive news from India and around the world. On this occasion, however, we had the opportunity to get into the driver’s seat of a Lexus and evaluate the vehicle on our very own Indian roads. And it wasn’t just any other Lexus; it was the range-topping LS 600h L AWD. Yes, the super luxury hybrid from Japan that could easily pass off as the cruise liner of the automotive world. At over five metres in length and nearly two metres in width, the LS 600h cuts an imposing figure; one that isn’t entirely un-intimidating. Especially when you approach it with the mindset of driving it on our rather crowded roads. Yes, it is a big car but it doesn’t come across as overtly ostentatious. Rather there’s a subdued quality to the overall design that suits it well and makes it look rather stately and dignified. It gives off an aura of being powerful without ever saying it aloud. The stance is that of the self-assured; one who has nothing to prove to the world but is comfortable in his own space and can defend that space extremely efficiently. Dial L for Luxury_Lexus LS 600h L AWD Exclusive First Drive (3)   More on page 2>


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