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Renault have introduced what certainly is an eye-opening new engine to their diesel line-up – the 2014 Energy dCi160.


The need for smaller, more powerful yet more efficient enginescannot be ignored and the new engine breaks new grounds in that regard. Although it is just a 1.6-litre four-pot, it uses sequential twin-turbocharging – one low-inertia compressor for improved bottom- and mid-range performance, and another larger compressor which takes charge at higher engine speeds to step up the power. Add the high-pressure direct injection and you get output, figures which put many two-litre engines to shame, while delivering up to 25% better fuel efficiency.

The new Energy dCi160 puts out, as the name suggests, 160 PS, but what is more astounding, is the peak torque figure of 380 Nm. Furthermore, the rev-ranges at which they are available from truly make this engine unique. Peak power comes in at 4,000 RPM while the humongous torque peaks at 1,750 RPM. There isn’t a flat torque curve per se, but almost 90% of it is available from 1,500-2,750 RPM, and that means good driveability and response in pretty much any gear you happento be in.

Renault Energy dCi160 2 web

The new engine should be showcased at Geneva and will, over time, make its way into cars across the range, from the Megane to the Koleos; the latter which may just arrive here in the near future, subject to our diesel quality improving,of course.

Story: Jim Gorde
Images: Renault Press


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