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1.Audi Q3
Soft-roaders seem to be becoming a trend in the Indian market and, in order to have an edge over others, Audi will be launching the Q3 soft-roader in India. This new baby SUV is based on the VW Tiguan, though its dimensions are smaller compared to the VW. The Q3 is expected to be released in India with a three-litre petrol and a three-litre diesel. However, nothing is confirmed as yet. With its launch the Q3 will face serious heat from the BMW X1 and the RR Evouge.

The new A6 is all set to rock the market with its new design. We expect the car to have a radical design that will retain the elegant lines of the mid-size luxury sedan. The base of the car is similar to that of the A7 Sportback, which uses the MLB platform that has resulted in reduced overall weight of the vehicle. The engine options will include a two-litre diesel and a three-litre superchargred V6 petrol motor. The prices are expected to remain close to the current car’s.

3.Audi A8
The A8 is a perfect example of Audi’s excellence in technology and the company’s panache for luxury. This executive luxury sedan is a rich man’s toy that will make its way into India in January 2011. The new-age A8 was unveiled last year and this year Audi will bring it into the Indian market with a starting price of about Rs 72-75 lakh. It will come with various engine options, which will include a 4.2-litre oil burner and a 6.3-litre W12 petrol motor. Aesthetically the new A8 is completely different from the older version and features the new Audi design philosophy with a bold front end and LED headlamps.

Audi will continue their assault in 2011 with this sleek and sassy A7, which is a sedan that looks like a coupé. The car is based on the MLB platform that allows the engine to be placed further back in the frame. It is the same platform that will form the base for the 2011 A6, thus we can say that this is actually a new car which is not based on any of the older models. The engine options in the A7 will include a 3.0-litre V6 TDI and 3.0-litre V6 TSFI motor. The transmission options will be limited to only a dual clutch, seven-speed S-Tronic box. The price of the A7 will start from Rs 55-65 lakh and we expect the A7 to hit the market in the third quarter of 2011.

5.Audi R8 Spyder
After thrilling India with the utterly powerful R8, Audi will stun the audiences with a new R8 in the Spyder form. Spyder means an open top sports car. The biggest surprise about the R8 Spyder is the growling beast beautifully hidden behind the front bucket seats. It’s a monstrous 5.2-litre V10 that develops a whopping 525 PS of power and 530 Nm of torque, which propel this open-top beauty to 100 km/h in just 4.1 seconds. Being an open-top sports car, this is one expensive piece of rolling art which will be priced at about Rs 1.6 crore. Expect it to hit the Indian market by the beginning of the second quarter of 2011.

6.Bently Continental GT
If you like to splurge in 2011, then this new Continental GT will make perfect sense for you. The new GT is actually the old GT with only a few tweaks here and there. The powerhouse that propels this 2.3-tonne monster is the same 6.0-litre W12 motor that faithfully serves the current car. The power output has gone up a little compared to the current car with the peak power output now standing at 575 PS and peak torque at 700 Nm. The price of the new GT might go up a little. No official news from the manufacturer about when the new GT will hit the dealerships in India. We expect it to be here by the end of 2011.

7.Force Motors SUV
Force Motors, the wholly Indian manufacturer known primarily for their rugged utilitarian people carriers, are now preparing to tread into unfamiliar territory with the introduction of their very own sport utility vehicle (SUV). Test mules of this upcoming SUV have been spotted doing rounds in and around the factory’s headquarters in Pune and the vehicle appears to be of an enormous size, as befitting its competitors, including the Safari, the Scorpio and the Toyota Innova.

8.BMW 6 Series Coupé
The 2011 6 Series Coupé is a perfect example of how the Bangle legacy has been carried forward with finesse, intricacy and a strong German character. The exterior and interior design of the new car is completely different from the current car. The 2011 6 Series now has a bolder exterior with curvier lines, a sharper silhouette and fresh headlamps. However, the tail-lamps still borrow ideas from previous generations. The interior has been revamped in order to keep up with the contemporary competition. It features new two-tone leather upholstery in shades like grey and beige in  balanced proportions. BMW will also offer the Bang and Olufsen sound system with 16 speakers as an option. To set all this luxury and technology in motion BMW will offer an array of motors on the new 6 Series Coupé. A 4.4-litre, twin turbo V8 petrol will do duty in the 650i and the company might also throw in a 3.0-litre twin turbo straight six diesel motor along with the petrol. BMW will bring in the new 6 Series Coupé by the end of 2011 and we expect the prices to stay similar to the current car (Rs 96-106 lakh).

9.BMW 6 Series Convertible
BMW will bring in the new 6 Series along with a convertible option that will feature the same tech and design as the 6 Series coupé itself. It will be powered by a 4.4-litre V8 that will develop about 405 PS. The convertible will have a soft top, strengthened A-pillars and pop-up roll over protection in case the car flips over. Apart from these the car will be very similar to the coupé. In the Indian market it will compete with the Mercedes E Cabriolet.

10.BMW X3
Apparently the baby SUV of BMW in the Indian market, the X3 will also be seen in a new avatar in 2011 as the company brings it in by the second quarter of 2011. The expected engine options will include a straight six petrol engine with a capacity of 3.0 litres and a 2.0-litre diesel motor. BMW offer the X3 with a 2.0-litre diesel and a 2.5-litre petrol. However, the 3.0-litre straight six petrol will replace the 2.5-litre unit. BMW designers have changed the styling of the new X3, but the silhouette of the SUV still remains in line with the current X3. The front end has been redone with new fog lamp inserts, rectangular headlamps and revised bumpers. The price might go up a little and we expect it to be in the Rs 50-55 lakh range.

11.FIAT Bravo
The stylish FIAT hatchback, designed by the geniuses at the FIAT Style Centre and first shown to the world at the Geneva Motor Show, is finally coming to India. The Bravo is a three-door hatch with options of both petrol and diesel engines (the former developing a massive 150 bhp) and a fully loaded spec sheet. Expect the FIAT Bravo to become the most expensive hatch in the country as and when it gets launched here.

12.MINI Countryman
Yes, the iconic British brand is coming to India in 2011 and its initial offering is expected to be the Mini Countryman, which looks like a practical car for India. In the European market it already competes with the Nissan Juke and the Skoda Yeti. Therefore, we can say that the car will be priced very similar to the Yeti. The Countryman in the UK is equipped with a 1.6-litre petrol engine and that is the version which will appear in India first. It is also available in diesel options in the UK, but those might not come to India so soon.

13.Ford Focus
Ford’s hot hatch, the Focus, has been a best-seller in European markets and, a few months ago, Ford unveiled a sedan version of the car at the Detroit Motor Show. Focus the sedan is the car that we Indians might get to experience in 2011. However, there is no concrete information on this as of now.  The Focus is equipped with a 1.6-litre petrol engine and that is the engine most likely to be launched in India first. A diesel motor cannot be ruled out completely as it would also make for a good option. The Focus sedan is likely to be priced about Rs 12-14 lakh in the Indian market.

14.Ford Fiesta
Ford are all set to revamp their current flagship sedan, the Fiesta, by introducing a new avatar of the car in 2011. It is going to be a bigger, better and more powerful sedan. The expected engine options will include a powerful 1.6-litre petrol motor producing 120 PS and a new 1.6-litre diesel motor producing a max of 90 PS. The car is expected to be equipped with a dual clutch auto box apart from the five-speed manual option. It will also have brand new front and rear ends with radical design elements. The price will be in the region of Rs 7-8 lakh and the car is expected to go on sale in the first quarter of 2011.

Get ready to be thrilled by the Italians in the latter half of 2011 for Ferrari have decided to enter the Indian market. The Italian sportscar maker will come to India in association with Tata Motors. However, do not expect to see a Ferrari 458 Italia displayed at a Tata Motors showroom. The company will work with Tata Motors in order to further research the market and distribution network, but there will be separate Ferrari dealerships through which one can splurge one’s hard-earned money. Initially, the company might just bring in the 458 Italia, which uses a 4.5-litre V8 that produces 570 PS of power and can propel itself from 0-100 km/h in just under four seconds. Other models in the international portfolio include California, 599 and 612 Scaglietti, which are available in various trims. However, sources claim that Ferrari will bring the entire line-up slowly after assessing the response from potential customers. The price of the 458 Italia in India will start at about Rs 2.25 crore and might go up depending on how you customise it. The official entry date is not yet confirmed, but expect the Ferrari to be here by the end of the second quarter of 2011.

16.GM Captiva
GM are all set to release a new and facelifted version of their mid-size SUV, the Captiva, in 2011. The most significant among the changes in the new car will be the engine options ranging from a bigger two-litre diesel putting out either 168 or 190 PS to a 2.4-litre dual overhead cam petrol with VVTi, producing about 175 PS.  Both petrol and diesel units will be offered in front- or all-wheel drive. The current Indian Captiva, imported from Korea, comes with a two-litre diesel engine. With a host of driver aids like ESC, TCS and BAS standard, as well as front-, side- and curtain airbags, the new Captiva aims to provide a high level of safety to its occupants. There are also substantial visual upgrades, both in the exterior and interior, most noticeably around the front grille and bumpers.

17.GM Aveo
The new year will also witness the introduction of a new Aveo in India, a model which was previewed as the Aveo RS at the 2010 Detroit Motor Show. There will be two powertrain options on offer – a 1.2-lite and a 1.4-litre petrol developing 90 PS and 105 PS respectively and a 1.3-litre diesel whose power output remains undisclosed as of now. We expect this car to reach Indian shores by late 2011.

18.HM Ambassador
Love it or loathe it, very few cars in history have embodied the essence of an entire nation like the ubiquitous Amby. The new car will have a completely revamped retro exterior and will be powered by BS-IV and BS-V compliant engines, both petrol and diesel. HM assure us that while the new model will technically be an evolution of the Ambassador lineage, it will appear to be an absolutely new product to the consumer.

19.Honda Accord diesel
Honda’s superlative Accord will finally be getting a diesel mill, which should only enhance its position as one of the best choices in the executive luxury sedan segment. Th engine in question is a four-cylinder common rail diesel unit, displacing a total of 2,200 cc and producing a maximum power of 138 PS and 347 Nm of torque. Visually, there will be no changes from the existing petrol version, the only difference between the two being the powerplant under the hood and the next full update is tentatively set for mid-2013. Transmission is via a five-speed automatic or a six-speed manual with power going to the front wheels. All the standard driver aids, safety features and other paraphernalia traditionally associated with cars of this segment are present here, including the much-loved leather seats.

20.Honda Brio
Previously codenamed the 2V, Honda’s new small car for Asia is finally ready for launch and was unveiled in its production guise at the 2010 Bangkok Motor Show. The car will be priced very competitively, probably under Rs 5 lakh, which should make it Honda’s cheapest Indian offering ever. The Jazz’s 1,198-cc engine, with a maximum power of 90 PS and 110 Nm of torque, will power the Brio too, which should endow the latter, a much smaller car, with brisk performance figures. There is also the possibility of a detuned version of the same engine with a 900 cc capacity being launched here at a substantially cheaper price. The top-of-the-line variant is expected to feature automatic climate control system, power steering, power windows, remote central locking, rear defogger, rear washer, rear wiper, alloy wheels, body coloured door handles, ABS with EBD and dual SRS airbags.

21.Lamborghini Murcielago
Lamborghini recently ended the highly successful series of their flagship super car, the Murcielago, with the Superveloce variant. However, the car to replace the Murcielago is already under development and will be launched this year. Codenamed ‘project 83X’, the car is rumoured to be named Aventador or Jota and will have a 6.5-litre V12 engine producing about 700 PS of raw blasting power. It will still have a top speed of over 300 km/h with Lamborghini’s distinct design characteristics. The change, however, will be in the power-to-weight ratio and engine efficiency. The car will be lighter by about 100 kg than its predecessor with an all-new carbon-fibre chassis to facilitate higher acceleration and better handling. Smarter cars are the way of the future. The new car will make its début at the Geneva Motor Show in the second half of this year so the Indian launch is expected by the end of this year.

22.Hyundai i30
After the i10 and i20, it is now the turn of the i30 to set its dainty feet, or wheels, on the aggressively fought Indian hatchback scene. Powered by a DOHC four-valve, 1.4-litre engine, the i30 puts out a maximum power of 80.2 PS and maximum torque of 137.2 Nm at 6,200 rpm and 5,000 rpm respectively. Design-wise the i30’s looks do not deviate much from the existing line-up and instead merely accentuate the car’s aesthetics qualities. Ventilated disc brakes upfront and conventional discs at the rear do braking duties and are mounted to 15-inch wheels all-round. The kerb weight of the i30 is 1,198 kg and its tank capacity stands at 52 litres. Transmission is via a five-speed manual and Hyundai claim a drag coefficient of 0.27 cds for the i30.

23.Hyundai ix20
The ix20 was first unveiled at the Paris Motors Show. Adopting a new design language that Hyundai refers to as ‘fluid sculpture’, this mini-MPV joins its siblings, the Sonata, Tucson and Concept RB as part of the new design direction. There are four engine options on offer, two petrol and two diesel burners with power ranging from 75 PS to 125 PS. There are a host of safety features being offered as part of standard equipment, namely, . ESP, ABS, integrated stop and go technology (ISG), low rolling-resistance tyres, alternator management system (AMS), hill start assist and Hyundai’s own Blue Drive technology. Hyundai are also offering a five-year triple care warranty programme for the ix20. We expect it to be priced between Rs 8 and 10 lakh when it makes its way here later this year.

24.Piaggio small car
According to rumours, Italian auto giant Piaggio, who make utility vehicles in India, are planning to launch a small car in India this year. The concept car, codenamed NT3, was displayed at the EICMA Motorcycle Show in Milan. The car is 2.4 metres long with four wheels and a seating capacity of three (one front, two rear). This small car will have three power plant options – 200 cc and 300 cc internal combustion and 300 cc hybrid with fuel efficiency of over 25 km/l. This car will compete with Tata’s Nano and Bajaj’s under development small car. The price is expected to be above Rs 1,00,000.

25.McLaren MP4-12C
The world’s first view of this car was in these pages. And finally in 2011 we get to drive it. Is McLaren ready? Are we? By Chris Chilton
next year, nearly four years after CAR pulled off a massive coup – and the rug out from under McLaren – by nabbing pictures of the original 12C clay model, we will finally discover whether it has been worth the wait. 2011 will be a massive year for McLaren, beginning with deliveries of the first customer cars and culminating in the launch of a GT3 racing version and preparations for an attack on Le Mans 18 months later.
But before any of that happens, there’s still some work for McLaren’s engineers to do on the company’s first road car since the epoch-making F1. The 12C road car is essentially complete, but the engineers are busy putting thousands of miles on validation prototypes to ensure the reliability of its hydraulically interlinked suspension, seven-speed dual clutch gearbox and 600PS twin-turbo 3.8-litre V8 that will fire it to 100 km/h in just 3.2sec and on to a top speed of 322 km/h.
Also under the spotlight are the various electrical components, such as the track day telemetry system that records video footage and data of your hero laps – data that you’ll eventually be able to compare with Lewis and Jenson’s times. These VP test cars, like the first production cars that follow, have been assembled alongside the F1 cars in the production area of the existing McLaren Technology Centre, recently vacated by the unlikely-to-be-sorely-missed SLR. Once the first 100 or so (around 10% of the year’s full production) are constructed, build will switch to the new McLaren Production Centre across the lake. That’s currently just a bare shell, albeit a very stylish one, but ultimately will be tooled up to deliver 4000 cars a year by the middle of the decade. That’s why McLaren has been busy touting the 12C around the world and finalising the appointment of the last remaining dealers who will comprise a retail structure built from scratch.
But while the road car is going through its final paces, McLaren has also been busy working on a stripped-out competition version destined for GT3 racing in late 2011, and another even more extreme GT2 variant destined for Le Mans in 2013. The cars will be built by Donnington-based CRS, a company with masses of experience racing Ferrari 430s in the same classes. It’s no coincidence that former McLaren F1 Le Mans racer Chris Goodwin, the man responsible for the way the 12C road car drives, has raced Ferraris for CRS in the European GT3 championship. Something tells us he’s ridden his last horse.

FIAT are bringing one of their exotic brands, the Maserati, to India. Maseratis will be available in India through a CBU import route from the first half of 2011. The models expected to be launched are the GranCabrio , GranTurismo series and the Quattroporte range of cars. Expected price range is between Rs 1 and Rs 1.5 crore. Maseratis are V8 power supercars, originally a subsidiary of Ferrari, which is a part of the FIAT group.

27.Mercedes-Benz M-class
With the SUV market becoming livelier by the day Mercedes-Benz are also expected to make a splash in this segment in 2011. They will unveil the ML SUV in 2011 in the international market and it is expected to come to India soon thereafter, by the second quarter of 2011. The biggest change in the new ML will be the introduction of hybrid technology which utilises electric motors to assist the wheels. It will also be lighter and sleeker than the current ML. The price is expected to remain close to the current car. However, with the introduction of hybrid system it might go up.

28.Mercedes-Benz SLK
The new SLK has been discussed in our earlier issues and this time it’s just a quick summary. The new SLK is what the press call an SLS-inspired machine and that is true to some extent as the interior of the car reminds you of the SLS AMG. But that is where it ends. The new SLK has been revamped for 2011. The new car is sleeker and has a sharper design compared to the current model. It will be available in the market by the end of 2011 and will come with the magic roof that changes from opaque to transparent in minutes. Apart from that an array of engines will be on offer, though we might just get the petrol V8.

29.Mahindra MUV
India’s biggest utility vehicle maker, Mahindra, are expected to launch a hacked down version of their Xylo MUV in the first quarter of this year. It looks similar to the Xylo with dimensions somewhat like the Premier Rio. Its seating capacity will be reduced to five instead of the Xylo’s seven as the wheelbase is shorter. With a length of upto four metres, the vehicle will attract only a 10 per cent excise duty instead of 22 per cent as levied on vehicles longer than four metres, making it cheaper for the buyer. The MUV will be have a 1.5-litre diesel engine and will be priced between Rs 5-7 lakh.

30.Mahindra Ssangyong Korando
Mahindra will also launch the Korando along with the Rexton. The Korando was in production during 1983-2006 after which it was discontinued. However, it was recently re-introduced as a 2010 model. The acquisition is also somewhat responsible for this revival. This big SUV uses a two-litre diesel engine that develops 177 PS of power and is mated to a six-speed manual transmission. It will come with two-wheel and four-wheel drive options. The prices are not known and the launch is expected along with the Rexton is the second quarter of 2011.

31.Mahindra Ssangyong Rexton
Mahindra Ssangyong RextonThe recent acquisition of Ssangyong by Mahindra has resulted in the Indian manufacturer bringing in two of the big SUVs offered by Ssangyong into the international market. The first is the Rexton, which was developed in co-operation with Mercedes and thus carries elements that are very similar to Merc SUVs. The front end of the Rexton looks very similar to that of the Mercedes ML as both the vehicles share the same platform. The engine used in the Rexton was also developed by Mercedes and Ssangyong manufactures the same engine under licence from Mercedes-Benz. The Rexton is equipped with a 2.7-litre diesel engine developing 165 PS of power and 340 Nm of torque. It is expected to come to India by the second quarter of 2011.

32.Range Rover Evouge
Range Rover, known for their gas-guzzling SUVs, are all set to enter the economical SUV segment in order to attract new customers. The Evouge has been in the news for quite some time now and is expected to make its public début some time in mid-2011. It will be equipped with four-cylinder engines and will come with a front wheel drive as standard and an optional four-wheel drive. However, the Indian customers will have to wait for some time. We speculate that this mini Range Rover will be launched in India only by the end of 2011. Expect it to be a bit expensive, somewhere in the range of Rs 45-50 lakh.

33.Maruti Suzuki Kizashi
The second leap from Maruti Suzuki will be the launch of their first luxury sedan, the Indian spec Kizashi. After displaying the car at the 2008 Auto Expo India in New Delhi, Suzuki had given a clear hint of its launch in the country. The Kizashi will compete with the likes of Honda Accord and Toyota Camry and will be priced between Rs 16-20 lakh. Expect the car to be here in the first half of this year.

34.Maruti Suzuki RIII
Maruti Suzuki lead the Indian automobile market, but, surprisingly, have not entered the lucrative MUV segment yet. For 2011, though, Maruti Suzuki plan to venture beyond hatchbacks and budget sedans. In the sub-Rs 10 lakh segment, Maruti Suzuki have an MUV in the pipeline. Maruti Suzuki will be producing the road version of their RIII concept showcased at the 2010 Auto Expo in New Delhi. The MUV will have three-row seating and will be within the Rs 6-9 lakh price bracket, making it a direct competitor of Mahindra’s Xylo, Toyota’s Innova and Chevrolet’s Tavera. Engine options may include the 1.6-litre petrol engine from the SX-4 while the diesel engine may be a 1.3-litre powerplant. The production RIII is expected to be launched by mid-2011.

35.Maruti Suzuki Swift
The small car explosion of 2010 saw a slew of launches from
many manufacturers, who offered newer and better features in their cars. Naturally, Maruti Suzuki had to revamp the Swift to safeguard their market share. The new Swift will be here in the first half of the year with sharpened looks, the same engine capacity, but with higher power and torque figures and, of course, loaded with features. The price of the new car will be slightly higher than its current version, but again within the
Rs 5-7 lakh range.

36.Nissan global sedan
Nissan’s latest global sedan will be here in the third quarter of the year. Based on Nissan’s global ‘V’ platform, the sedan is a completely new car vis-a-vis the Micra hatchback, which shares the same platform. The car is already being produced in China  and will be eventually launched in 170 countries. It will have a 1.5-litre engine and will be launched in petrol and diesel variants, priced between Rs 8-10 lakh.

37.Nissan GTR
After launching their sub-Rs 1 crore sportscar 370Z last year, Nissan now plan to launch the big daddy, Nissan GTR, in India! A member of the elite club of supercars, the GTR has a 3.8-litre twin turbocharged engine producing 491 PS of power and 588 Nm of torque with a top speed of over 300 km/h. It will be here by the end of 2011 with a price tag of over Rs 1 crore through the CBU route.

38.Porsche 911 Speedster
Porsche unveiled the 911 Speedster limited edition model at the Paris Motor Show in 2010, which, like every other Porsche, is expected to be launched in India too by the end of this year. The Speedster is an open-top special edition of the Porsche 911 with a 3.8-litre engine. Only 356 Speedsters will be made. Expect the price to be close to the Rs 1 crore mark.

39.Porsche 911
Porsche’s 911 has become a byword for subtle evolution over five decades. But is 2011’s new 991 generation the biggest leap yet? By Tim Pollard
there will be some who see the ‘new’ 911 as just another facelift on a one-way journey to irrelevance. ‘Engine’s in the wrong place,’ they’ll nod sagely. ‘Porsche will never tame the fundamental flaws of a rear-engined sports car. Blah blah blah.’ Many of those doubters have probably never driven the latest 911s. Never felt a GT3 dance around a track. We’d argue that the 2011 update of the world’s definitive sports car is one of the most significant changes to the basic template set back in 1963. It’s the very essence of 911, distilled.
Only the most ardent of Porschephiles will decode the different generations, charting every subtle shift, upgrade and model-year enhancement: from 964 to 993, 996 to today’s 997. But despite the backward step to the next generation’s 991 codename, in technological terms the 911 is taking a quantum leap forwards. Here’s why.
CAR’s latest spy photos suggest the styling is not so much a leap as a timid toddle. Seriously, what do the styling department at Stuttgart actually do? But nestling under a same-again exterior, freshened up by the most minute detail changes to keep anoraks a-gawping, lie some fundamental changes.
The new 991-generation car is understood to be 70mm longer, while the overhangs at either end shrink to stretch the wheelbase by a chunky 100mm. The upshot? More room for you and your luggage, more stability through the corners.
But bigger doesn’t mean bulkier. Although predominantly crafted from steel, the next 911 is rumoured to be some 50kg lighter than today’s car, thanks to careful application of high-strength steels and newer production processes. The new 911 will in fact be twinned again with the Cayman/Boxster duo, but Porsche is keen to put more clear water between the two ranges this time round.
At launch we can expect a two-tier range of Carrera and Carrera S, before the GT3s, GT2s and Turbos muddy the waters. Our staff writer Ben Pulman recently calculated that a new 911 derivative has landed every 49 days since the arrival of the second-generation 997 in 2008. Expect more versions, specials and general money-grabbing.
The Carrera will sport a marginally downsized but stronger 355PS 3.4-litre flat six, while the Carrera S is powered by a 3.8 flat six mustering a stout 405PS. Word is that both manual and twin-clutch PDK transmissions will offer seven speeds, with top an overdriven, low-rpm cruiser.
This low CO2 emphasis percolates the 991 format: stop-start, intelligently decoupling alternators and – for the first time – electric power steering all feature. And Porsche is working on a radical new 2.2-litre flat-four for deployment in
around five years’ time. It sounds like
the sort of 911 that could at last appease those doubters.
Although the new 911 won’t roll into UK showrooms in 2011, we’ll see the latest Porsche in the autumn – just in time for a Frankfurt motor show homecoming.

40.Renault Fluence
Renault’s Fluence sedan is expected to be launched in the first half of 2011. After entering India through Mahindra, Fluence will be the French brand’s first independent offering, brought in through the CKD route and it will be pitted against the likes of Honda’s Civic and Toyota’s Corolla with a similar pricing in the Rs 11-14 lakh range. Engine specifications are not known as of now.

41.Renault Logan
With the launch of Toyota’s Etios and the flourishing sales figures of Maruti Suzuki’s Swift Dzire and Tata’s Indigo Manza, Mahindra’s Logan budget sedan has strong competitors. It is heard that Mahindra, who acquired the remaining stake in the Logan brand from Renault last April, are planning to refresh the Logan for 2011. The new Logan will be a facelift with cosmetic changes while retaining its 1.4 petrol and 1.5 diesel engines. Expect Mahindra to launch the 2011 Logan in the first half of the year within the same price range of Rs 5-7 lakh.

42.Skoda Fabia Sedan
The Skoda clan is a mere 10 years old in the country, but they have made the best use of this time to analyse the Indian market well and place their products accordingly. A fine proof of this strategic planning is the success of their Octavia, Fabia and then the Superb, to name a few models. The company introduced the revised and heart-transplanted Fabia recently and, according to speculations, the next from the factory will be the sedan version of the same. As rumours have it, Fabia sedan will be priced in a head-on competition with the Logan, but with more features and finesse. The sedan will be just an extended
version of the current Fabia with the same distinctive front. Chances are that the aggressive pricing of the Fabia sedan might attract some prospective
VW Vento buyers too.

43.Tata Safari
The biggest name in the SUV segment until some time ago, the Safari has most definitely been the second car to redefine Tata Motors’ success in the Indian market, the first one being the Indica. The company might come up with new products like the Manza and the Aria to meet the demand of the consumers, but they haven’t forgotten the basics. Based on the Aria’s platform, the new Safari is expected to come loaded with numerous features such as airbags, ABS, climate control, better interior and driveability. Promised to be better on fuel economy figures and armoured with better safety features, the new Safari will reportedly have Tata’s new 2.2VTT DiCOR engine.

44.Tata Nano Europa
Showcased at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show, the Nano Europa is the new avatar of the very popular ‘people’s car’ with a longer wheelbase, thus more cabin space, a tinge of facelift, better quality interior and, most importantly, a three-cylinder, MPFI engine with a five-speed automatic transmission. In addition, the car will sport safety features like ABS, ESP and airbags. The USP of this micro car, however, remains the same: its compact size. Just that from being a daily bread-butter car, the company plans to make it a better styled, more efficient car to match the current trends in cabin features.

45.Toyota Etios Diesel
Toyota’s latest launch, the Etios, has been well placed in the segment and targeted at those looking for a reliable badge and an affordable price tag. Though the Etios’ interior does not warm the cockles of one’s heart, the petrol engine under the hood manages to grab one’s attention. In addition to the current petrol mill, the company plans to introduce a 1.4-litre turbocharged diesel engine very soon. The reason for this, they say, is the positive response received at the Auto Expo 2010 for the diesel variant.

46.Toyota Liva
Showcased at the 2010 Auto Expo in New Delhi, the Etios Liva will be the company’s first launch in  the hatchback segment in India. Speculated to come with a 1.2-litre petrol engine first (with power output about 72 PS), the Liva is expected to be the most generous in terms of cabin space in its segment. As rumours go, the company might also come up with a 1.5-litre petrol (from the Etios sedan) and a 1.4-litre diesel variants too.

47.VW UP
The concept VW UP was appreciated by all and now, three years later, the car is finally set for a production run. The production version of this tiny car is due for a 2011 unveiling and, just like the Polo, the UP will be a global car. The design of the production UP is similar to the concept with only a few changes. Initially, it will come with a one-litre, three cylinder petrol and a 1.2-litre diesel motor. UP will come to India by the end of 2011 at a price lower than that of the Polo hatch.

48.VW Jetta
Still based on VW Golf’s platform, the new Jetta will come with a longer wheelbase. It will come geared to give a tough fight to competitors Skoda Laura and Chevy Cruze. Very similar to the Polo and Vento in styling now, the new Jetta will be launched in 1.4 TSI and 1.6 TDI engine options.

49.VW Passat
Unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in 2010, the new Passat looks nothing less than baby Phaeton. A much more refined two-litre TDI engine and improvements in both looks and the interior make the new Passat an interesting launch. Along with quality and class, the new Passat will come with some unique safety features too.

50.VW Beetle
The iconic small car from VW is all set for a revamp in 2011 when the company comes up with a squashed version of the current car. Actually, the car is going to be lower, wider and a mite longer than the current version and will come equipped with an array of engines. Sadly, only one of them will be available in India and we speculate that it would be the 1.4-litre petrol. However, we would love to see the two-litre turbo version. The new Beetle will be based on the Mk5 Golf and is expected to be a better car than the current one. We expect it to hit the dealerships by the third quarter of 2011.

51.VW  Tiguan
The soft-roader segment in India is still abuzz and the latest entrant into the segment could be the VW Tiguan. Expected to be priced between Rs 15 and 20 lakh, the Tiguan will stand in direct competition to the likes of Chevy Captiva, Honda CR-V and Toyota Fortuner. Speculations are that it could come with 1.4-litre petrol and two-litre diesel options.

52.Volvo S60
Soon to come from Volvo is a series of well-styled and well-loaded cars, S60 being the first of the lot. Safe as Volvos have always been and much more powerful, the S60 will come with two engine options – three-litre petrol and 2.4-litre diesel. The car will be an all-wheel drive with six-speed automatic transmission and is expected to be priced at about Rs 30 lakh. Most probably it will appear in the market in the first quarter of the new year.

53.Volvo V60
Re-establishing the way cross-overs should be designed and styled, the V60 will offer almost everything one can expect of a car. Planned to be launched with engine options in both petrol and diesel, the new V60 will come loaded with some all new engines like 2.0T GTDi (gasoline turbocharged direct injection), 1.6-litre GTDi and a more refined three-litre T6 in petrol and a two-litre twin-turbo diesel.


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