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Bentley Motors have introduced a new Continental Supersports with more power and torque and a 336-km/h top speed.

The new Continental Supersports from Bentley raises the bar in several parameters and we’re absolutely stunned by the information we’ve received. The previous Continental Supersports was inspired by the 1925 Bentley Supersports, which had 85 PS when other cars had about 15. It was the first production car to reach 100 mph (160.93 km/h). It was launched back in 2009, with 630 PS and a 328-km/h top speed: already an extreme concept in the first place. Now, Bentley have taken it even further.

The new Continental Supersports packs a redeveloped W12 now makes 80 PS and 217 Nm more (yes!) so that’s a hefty 710 PS and 1,017 Nm of torque. The new 21-inch wheels and composite brakes reduce unsprung weight by 20 kg, with the optional titanium exhaust system lightening it by another 5 kg. It’s now lighter than even the 2009 Supersports. All of that is enough to catapult this well-over-two-tonne behemoth from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.5 seconds and head up on to 336 km/h. It also gets the torque vectoring system from the GT3-R along with more goodies to make it more dynamic than ever.


To further personalise your ride and make it even more exclusive, Bentley are offering the ‘X-Specification’ that includes the titanium exhaust as standard, together with carbon-fibre door-mirrors , engine cover and heel plates, carbon-fibre finish on the interior side panels, gloss black wheels and a choice of eight unique dual-tone paint schemes. If you need further individualisation, the car can be handed over to Mulliner to create a bespoke vehicle.


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